How I ‘Triumphed over Adversity’ to write a book about my West Ham Idol David Gold

CXG with David Gold

How did I, a lifelong West Ham supporter, find myself in the home of David Gold listening to his life story for five hours? Well that is a story in itself, and hopefully shows my determination and perseverance as a businessman to meet a self made millionaire/entrepreneur. You have to believe that anything is achievable in life and business. Read the book to find out how I did it!

I certainly found his story compelling. I wanted to find out how a man born into abject poverty, who grew up just a goal kick away from West Ham United’s football ground at Upton Park, and who, as a child, had to sleep in his clothes to keep warm at night, had come to achieve such phenomenal success in life. He is now, unbelievably, the Co-chairman of West Ham United and Chairman of Ann Summers business. If you are as intrigued as I was, then read on…

Do let me know if you have any questions about the book. I would be happy to show my insight in the comments below or on Twitter @cxginvest


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Posted on: 03 February 2015
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