Landlords – are your inventories thorough enough?

When letting a property, an inventory is a very important document that is prepared prior to the tenant moving in. The inventory, also sometimes known as a Schedule of Condition, should comprise a thorough list of all the contents of a property, as well as its structure, fixtures and fittings, along with plenty of photographs! The aim of the inventory is to ensure that your property is given back in the same condition as when your tenant moved in, subject to fair wear and tear of course.

When we say all fixtures and fittings, we mean everything – from walls and ceilings to skirting boards and plug sockets! You never know at the outset of a tenancy which items may get damaged throughout the course of the tenant’s occupation, so in order to safeguard yourself, each and every fixture, fitting, and item in the property should be recorded.


Here at CXG, our Lettings Manager, Tom Archer, has undertaken training and is qualified to the standards of APIP (The Association of Professional Inventory Providers). Tom now runs in-house training with our Property Management staff in setting high standards in Inventory preparation.

Tom Archer - CXG Lettings Manager

Since laws regarding Deposit Protection were introduced in 2007 as an amendment to the Housing Act 2004, the role the Inventory plays has become even more important, particularly if there is a dispute over the tenancy deposit at the end of the tenancy.

As a Landlord, if you wish to make a deduction from the tenant deposit, the relevant deposit scheme must first be notified. The tenant then has 90 days in order to register a dispute to this claim. In the event this happens, the onus is then on the Landlord to provide suitable evidence to justify their claim to the money – which will involve providing evidence as to the condition of the property before the tenant moved in, and again after they have moved out.

CXG provide a range of inventory services to the CB9 and CO10 postcode areas for both furnished and unfurnished properties, to any Landlords, whether or not we manage the property or have even let it – so if you are a private Landlord who has already found a tenant but would like a professional inventory then please contact us.

You can see a sample inventory report by clicking here  and also our check out report by clicking here

We have a clear pricing structure for our inventories as displayed below. All prices include VAT, and can provide excellent value for money in the event of a later deposit dispute.

1 Bedroom – Unfurnished: £50.00 | Furnished: £65.00
2 Bedrooms – Unfurnished: £70.00 | Furnished: £85.00
3 Bedrooms – Unfurnished: £90.00 | Furnished: £105.00
4 Bedrooms – Unfurnished: £110.00 | Furnished: £125.00 5 Bedrooms – Unfurnished: £130.00 | Furnished: £145.00 Larger Properties – Price on application

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Posted on: 18 February 2016
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