Property Panorama

Robin recently featured on TV show Property Panorama on Property TV (Sky 238). The interview, shown below, covered some of his most valuable insights into the investment market.

“Rents keep pushing up and there is no sign of that slowing down”

As Robin explains during the interview, there is a balance to achieve when beginning your property portfolio. It is important that when starting out you don’t take too much of a risk at once as this can cause major problems down the line, however, you can not be ‘risk adverse’ as this can have a similar effect. Robin highlights that before you start a portfolio you “really need to understand the type of person you are” and know what you want to achieve.

Robin speaks to investors all over the country advising on the various way to invest, but the one point he always makes as one of the most important is to do your research. Is there a demand in your area? It is all well and good being told that investing in an HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) is the route you should take and if you are looking to purchase within a city or town with a high demand for single room rentals then, of course, this is a fantastic option. But the same principle would not be beneficial if you are looking to invest in a small countryside village that may not have the best transport links.

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Posted on: 15 December 2015
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