The most important rule in business – Enjoy what you do!

Over the years I have run and worked in a number of different industries. Before owning a lettings and investment business my brother and I have found ourselves selling prams, cots, children’s toys and computers! All of which have contributed to the success of CXG today. Although very different fields to the property market, one factor has remained the same, I have enjoyed it!

Now, don’t get me wrong, we have faced our challenges – the downs (as well as the ups) have not shied away. But we have always come out the other side older, wiser and ready for our next challenge.

Someone who has also seen an abundance of failure and success is David Gold, the owner of West Ham United and founder of Ann Summers. Over the past few years I have got to know Mr Gold and during a visit to his home I spoke to him about the importance of enjoying what you do.

“Sometimes the downs just turn out to be a journey to the ups”

A great example of enjoying what you do in property investment is the new opportunity in the beautiful Cape Verde where not only can you benefit from the income of your investment, but you can also use the accommodation throughout the year for yourself meaning you also have the chance to visit the amazing island, experience the white beaches and blue seas and relax in the comfort ! For more information on how you can own your own part of paradise contact us today on 01440 784 159

White Sands Ocean Pool






Do you enjoy your work? Comment below we would love to hear about what you enjoy.

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Posted on: 02 February 2016
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