What does the new ‘Right to Rent’ scheme mean for Landlords?

As of 1st February 2016, all private landlords must carry out ‘Right to Rent’ checks on all new tenants.

The Government has announced that from 1st February 2016, all private landlords and consequently letting agents in England will have to check new tenants have the right to be in the UK before renting out their property. Landlords who fail to comply and do not undertake the relevant checks to see if a potential tenant has the “Right to Rent” will face penalties of up to £3000 per tenant.

This new legislation was introduced in the Immigration Act 2014 as part of Government reforms to build a fairer more efficient immigration system.

What does this mean for Landlords?

‘Right to Rent’ checks are quick and simple with the aim of causing minimal disruption to landlords and letting agents, many of which are already carrying out the checks as part of the application process.

ad_166839990-e1429790301224For those Landlords/ Letting Agents who are not already undertaking checks here’s what you need to do:

  1. Check the property will be the tenants main home
  2. Ask tenants for the original document (UK Passport; EEA passport or identity card; Birth Certificate; Home Office immigration status document; Permanent residence card) that shows they have the right to be in the UK.
  3. Check that the documents are valid with the tenant present.
  4. Make and keep copies of the documents and record the date that you made the check.

Checks will only need to be carried out on existing tenants once their tenancy agreement is up for renewal. It will now also be much easier for landlords to evict illegal tenants.

Failure to comply with “Right to Rent” checks or should a landlord be discovered to have rented to someone with no legal right to live in the UK, they will face a fine of £1000 per illegal tenant. Fines will raise to £3000 if the landlord has previously been in breach of the regulation within the last 3 years.

 What does this mean for Tenants?

All tenants with tenancy agreements for privately rented accommodation after 1st February 2016 will be checked by a landlord or letting agent to make sure they have the right to rent.

 CXG are ready…

CXG the award winning lettings agency based in Haverhill are ready for the new legislation to come into effect. Many landlords will turn to their letting agents who will carry out the immigration checks on their behalf. Landlords who rent their properties with CXG are in safe hands. The team of experts have a thorough understanding of the ‘Right to Rent’ scheme and the relevant immigration checks have been added to the tenant referencing process.


For more information on ‘Right to Rent’ or to speak to an expert about renting out property call CXG on 01440 712 216

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Posted on: 27 January 2016
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